Code of Ethics

I am a proud member of Nature First: The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography and as such, behave in accordance with the following Code of Ethics:


  • I prioritize the well-being of nature over photography.
  • I inform myself about all rules and regulations relating to photography when visiting a natural area or public attraction.
  • I always follow Leave No Trace principles and strive to leave places better than I found them.
  • I aim for authenticity by photographing plants and animals in their natural habitat engaging in their normal behaviours.
  • I help to protect the environment by picking up trash I find when in the field.
  • I do not knowingly damage living trees or plants in order to take a photograph. I wait patiently rather than attempt to influence an animal’s behaviour or posture.
  • I protect nature by not broadcasting the location of a fragile area, plant or animal. I use discretion if sharing locations.
  • I avoid stopping to photograph if it is likely to start a chain reaction resulting in other visitors crowding the area. I find another time or place to continue photographing.


  • I ask permission before photographing an identifiable person.
  • I treat all people with respect.
  • I am patient and courteous with non-photographers visiting a scene. I am creative and can adjust my expectations of the images I planned to make. I am open to new ideas as they present themselves to me.
  • I am aware of my position and how it may interfere with the ability of the photographers and non-photographers around me to enjoy a scene.
  • If someone wanders into my scene, I am courteous and will wait for them to move. I will consider adjusting my own position, or kindly asking them to move when they are ready.


  • I adopt this Code of Ethics and strive to adhere to these important principles.
  • I am an ambassador of ethical conduct in the industry through my own behaviour and by sharing these principles with other photographers and the public.
  • I educate myself about the weather, terrain, culture and potential hazards before visiting a new area.
  • I am always forthcoming about my post-processing and refrain from representing my photographs as something they are not.

Digital manipulation and the use of Artificial Intelligence:

All of the photographs on this website are representations or interpretations of what I have actually seen and experienced. In some cases, minor distracting elements such as stray branches or twigs, grasses and power lines may have been digitally removed. However, no objects or parts of the image that were not there at the time of creation were added – either from other images or generated using Artificial Intelligence. This includes compositing parts of different scenes into one, replacing the sky, adding wildlife, etc. If you have questions about any specific image, please feel free to contact me using the link above.

I want you, my audience, to have full confidence in the authenticity of the photos that I share.