Glacier National Park

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I made a trip from Calgary down to Glacier National Park in Montana, USA. Glacier NP is one of my all time favorite places so it’s always a joy to be down there. Our first stop was in the Many Glaciers area where we went on a short but nice hike to Lake Josephine. On our way back, we encountered a couple of moose. The pair were quite young so I suspect they had left their mom earlier this year and were on their own for the first time. They are such beautiful animals and it was a thrill to watch them.

We then drove down to St. Mary and found a campsite for the night. After a few hours of relaxation (and playing cards) we moved to the Wild Goose Island Overlook area in anticipation of photographing a sunset. There were quite a few clouds on the western horizon so the sunset was going to either be spectacular or a bust but luckily, it turned out to be fantastic!


Sunset at St Mary #1

TN2016-5D2-_MG_4532-Edit - Copy

Sunset at St Mary #2


Sunset at St Mary #3

The next morning, we hiked out to Sun Point so that I could make some images of rocks for a project I had in mind. There used to be a parking lot at Sun Point but it’s been closed for a few years so we had to park at the Sunrift Gorge and hike in. It was another short but pleasant hike. Anyway, I’m very happy with how the project turned out so if you’d like, you can see it here.

Our next stop and camping location was on the western side of Glacier National Park in the Agpar campground. Unfortunately, because the Going to the Sun Road was still closed for the season, we had to drive all the way around the park. It’s too bad because I much prefer the very scenic Going to the Sun Road!

That evening, I made this panoramic image on the shore of Lake McDonald. I have a few more compositions planned for that location and I hope photograph them soon.


Lake McDonald Sunset

On our last morning, we went for a walk on the Trail of the Cedars to Avalanche Creek. The water level in the creek was running a bit high but I managed to come away with this one last image.

TN2016-5D2-_MG_4660-Edit - Copy

Avalanche Creek

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